SSV - BioField Elevator || Selenite Stone Vessel


Physics says: A stable, high vibration is able to raise the vibration of everyone/thing in close proximity.

Tribal Wisdom says: A rising tide lifts all boats.  

Our Selenite Stone Vessel has one of the highest vibrations on earth. It resonates with your own biomagnetic field to:

  • Stimulate immune response
  • Calm stress & anxiety

When used as a canister, SSV energetically interacts with our amino powders, elevating their vibrational energy and amplifying their impact in your cells.

Capacity for 200g.

244,500,000 Hz

Hand-crafted, museum-quality, and individually unique, our Selenite Stone Vessel holds one of the highest frequencies on Earth. The high vibrational frequency of our Selenite Stone Vessel raises the vibration of whatever you put inside it, thus amplifying its impact and raising the vibratory frequencies inside your cells, which stimulates your immune response, facilitates the release of stress and anxiety (even trauma), decreases muscle tension, and calms stress, & anxiety.


Quantum Science has begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always taught: you have a biomagnetic field, an energy body that is a packet of energy inside of and beyond your physical body, a measurable force constantly interacting with everyone/thing around you. 

The vibrational frequency of your biomagnetic field is constantly fluctuating and easily influenced. It changes constantly as you are exposed to the fields of other people, the media you consume, the food you eat, the music you listen to, the conversations you have, as well as environmental toxins, germs, and so on.

Studies measuring human vibrational frequencies demonstrate that people with low biomagnetic field vibrations emit and also magnetize predominantly low vibrations, which strongly correlate to illness, disease, and aging. People with high biomagnetic field vibrations emit and magnetize high vibration which strongly correlates to vitality, longevity, immunity, beauty, and lifespan youth.

A healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62 Hz or higher. Negative thoughts and emotions, negative interactions, negative media, bacteria, viruses, and diseases vibrate at low frequencies that lower the frequency of your energy field. When your frequency drops below 58 Hz, you are more susceptible to low-frequency illness and disease. Given your daily stressors including the global pandemic, social instability, rising inflation, and the ongoing barrage of “bad news,” your biomagnetic field’s frequency is likely depleted and plummeting. 

Our Selenite Stone Vessel has a high, stable energetic frequency that doesn’t change. It is made up of a fixed, regularly repeating, perfect geometric pattern of molecules that hold and maintain perfect stability. More stable energy = more powerful energy. More powerful energy influences the energies around it, and a stable higher vibration is able to raise the vibration of everyone and everything in close proximity to it. That means the 244,500,000 Hz vibration of our Selenite Stone Vessel can resonate with your biomagnetic field to raise your personal vibration and help protect you against low-frequency intrusions.


How does kaü scientifically measure crystal vibrations?

Atomic motions in crystals are organized into vibrational modes called phonons (Phonon). Quantum mechanics tells us that vibrational energy in a crystal is gained or lost in discrete packets, or quanta, of energy, corresponding to hν, where h is Planck's constant (6.626x10–34J•sec) and ν is the frequency of vibration. In addition, a half-quantum (hν/2) of vibrational energy will be present in each mode even at absolute zero temperature. The quantum-mechanical nature of phonon energy drives isotopic fractionation in crystals, causes discrete infrared absorption bands, and Raman scattering. It also controls superconductivity (when phonons couple with electronic motion), temperature-variable heat capacity, and heat conduction.

Large-wavelength crystal vibrations are routinely measured by infrared and Raman spectroscopy, while shorter-wavelength vibrations can usually only be examined with more difficult neutron- or x-ray-scattering techniques.  Recent theoretical and computational developments have made it possible to calculate crystal phonon frequencies from first principles, using density functional theory.

Explore crystal calculations and phonon animations here: ABINIT, CRYSTAL0x , more here,  and also WURM project.

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