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LIGHT || Fibonacci Elixir


Quench & Replenish

A pure source of revitalization

LIGHT is pure water, almost completely untouched by deuterium– pollutants that damage your mitochondria and cause cellular aging. Deuterium damage accumulates over time, negatively impacting biological functioning, and causing “aging.”

LIGHT is hand-harvested from glaciers frozen for the past 34 million years, melted bottle by bottle, and tests at 21 ppm, the lowest deuterium level ever recorded. 

You ingest deuterium every time you drink water, even if the water you drink is filtered or bottled from a spring. A healthy person who only drinks filtered and/or bottled water still has, on average, 4 times more deuterium in her bloodstream than essential minerals and essential nutrients required to live. LIGHT helps detoxification and purification of system pollution.

Only available for in-person pickup in Malibu, CA.

Contact hello@kauhealth.com with inquiries and questions.


Did you know that exchanging money is an exchange of energy and that the number exchanged is an Angel Activation Code?* 

According to Tribal folklore, the energy of Angel Number 1555 is a message from the Universal Field to YOU that positive expansion in your life is happening now, and your Angels are beside you, cheering you on and making sure things move quickly and easily for you during this transformation. 

*Angel Activation Codes are Tribal folklore and are not presented as medical advice or a promise of an outcome. 

System detoxification| System purification| Optimal performance| Metabolism boost| Rapid cellular regeneration| Anti-aging beauty| Robust immunity.

Consistently introduce small amounts of LIGHT into your system by adding drops of LIGHT into your drinking water. We recommend drinking all of our powders mixed in LIGHT for system purity and an abundance of health.


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