SSV || BioField Elevator


Elevate & Calm

A boost for your biofield

When used as a canister for our powders, the SSV, or Seenite Stone Vessel, energetically interacts with them, elevating the powder’s vibrational energy and thereby amplifying its impact on your cells. 

The steady 244,500,000 Hz vibration of SSV also interacts with your biofield. It causes your vibration to rise and helps shield you against low-frequency intrusions, including germs and toxins. 

You may feel your body let go of stress and anxiety as you relax into a state of calm when you are near SSV. Over time, SSV may help your vibration rise, may help low frequencies dissipate, and may increase serendipity in your life.

Capacity for 200g.


Did you know that exchanging money is an energy exchange and that the number exchanged is an Angel Activation Code?*

According to Tribal folklore, the energy of Angel Number 1111 is a message from the Universal Field to YOU that you have achieved the ability to be a powerful creator. Now is the right time to ask your Angels to help you co-create your deepest desires, hopes, and dreams. 

*Angel Activation Codes are Tribal folklore and are not presented as medical advice or a promise of an outcome. 

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