make “normal aging” a thing of the past

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20/20 aminos Create You

20/20 amino acids in perfect balance cosmically collided during the Creation event that made our Universe, Creating all Life. 

As a result, YOU are made up of 20/20 amino acids. 

By introducing 20/20 amino acids in perfect balance to your body daily, YOU cause a regenerative Creation event.

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Regenerate a Younger You

For 30+ years, scientists have attempted to harness the regenerative power of 20/20 amino acids into a non-invasive, at-home therapy to upgrade and optimize the body with results similar to stem cell therapy. 

In 2020, kaü Health's team of Harvard-trained scientists, led by Dr. Linda Ellison, cracked the code and made the breakthrough.

NASA calls it “the single biggest advancement in anti-aging of our lifetime.”

YOUR health is our North Star

We went on a quest around the world, using YOUR health as our North Star, searching for rare nutrient sources. 

We selected the purest & most nutrient-dense, then used them to make 11,000-year-old Nordic Tribal Medicine recipes.

We optimized the result with our revolutionary, award-winning science so they upgrade your DNA in 20 minutes.

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Experience Angel Technology

11,000 years ago, an Angel walked down from Heaven on a bridge of Northern Lights and gave a Nordic Tribal Medicine Woman health-upgrading recipes, which have been passed down through our family lineage of Tribal Medicine Women ever since. At kaü, we use these recipes as the basis of our product formulations.

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activate vibrant, youthful health

feel good, look good, & live passionately

kaü's co-creation with you

YOUR body’s Innate Wisdom and Natural Encoding give it the ability to create & regenerate vitality under the right conditions. 

kaü products help YOU create and activate those conditions.

I'm Dr. Linda Ellison. My Life’s Purpose is simple: to co-create the optimal health Nature always intended for YOU. 

I am here to help YOU restore your body to its most Natural level of functioning – a state of pure health – by honoring your body’s innate, Divine wisdom. Mother Nature knows exactly how to regenerate with seasons and cycles, and so do our bodies. We follow her lead.

I am the 14th generation in a family lineage of folk healers & Medicine Women, and the first in our family to get a Doctorate from Harvard. I fuse my scientific expertise with my ancestors' ancient Tribal recipes so that Mother Nature can gift you optimal health. Everything you need to heal your body and stay youthful exists in Nature if you know where to look. 

YOU were born to thrive in optimal health. YOU are meant to enjoy every moment of your life in Bliss and Contentment. Together, let’s activate YOUR Natural State of vibrant health so you can enjoy each moment to the fullest.