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Amplify and Expand Your Quantum Beauty

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You know “environmental factors” contribute to and cause illness and likely think of polluted air and water. You probably have a list of things you don’t eat, things you won’t allow inside your body, but do you have a list of things you won’t say, watch, listen to or read? Do you avoid conversations and people who are draining to you with the same vigilance you avoid gluten or sugar? 

The energy you generate and the energy you allow into your body immediately impact your cells. Unlike your digestive system, which takes time to sort through what you eat and drink and either absorbs what you consume into your system in part or wastes it out entirely, your energy system is in full and immediate receptive mode 24/7. Because of this functionality, it is important to be vigilant about your energy and the energy around you, because it shapes your health and beauty. 

Energy also impacts aging. Rapid aging and disintegration of our bodies happens in part when we add things to our physical body that violate us on an energetic level. It isn’t that we get older and our body gives out; it is that we accumulate so much degrading energy over time that our bodies can no longer work. You are aging your body by taking on the wrong energy. You are accumulating wrinkles and your skin is sagging because you have absorbed the wrong energy. 

Do you want a system constructed of beautiful, symmetrical cells, making up your organs and internal systems, or would you be happy with a body full of misshapen ones? You want to be beautiful, I’m guessing, in every way possible. You want to be a substantial force of beauty, not simply pretty on the outside. 

For every choice of vibration you make, every thought, every energy you put out, every energy you allow in, everything you say and everything you accept inside yourself is manifest in your body. It is physically in your cells. It’s the consequence of these choices registered in your biology. 

A tree is beautiful through every season, no matter the weather nor what happens around it, because it is living its purpose to the fullest in the flow of divine universal energy.

Every tree is a beautiful and unapologetic expression of a tree. Trees don’t care what others think, they care about living out the fulest expression of their purpose as a tree. To be the fullest expression of who you are, you need to engage with your purpose and function, whatever you deem it to be, and live like that. Don’t splinter who you are with what others tell you to be. Don’t uncomfortably be several things all at once, apologizing for being one way when you are naturally another. You can’t attain your highest Divine beauty unless you live your purpose as a true and full expression of who you are. Unless it truly feels good to you, it is most powerful to align with a primary energy and not split it into smaller and thus weaker parts.

As you live your function and allow your function to be complemented by the function of everyone and everything around you, your internal Love Energy connects to the flow of Divine Universal Energy. Your cells are nourished and hydrated by this energy. You thrive and expand your vitality physically and energetically. When you allow yourself to be a Divine expression, you are living your purpose. Doing that, your Quantum Beauty grows. 

Expanding your Quantum Beauty doesn’t cost money.

Anyone can do it, anywhere in the world at any time. It’s a matter of putting it into practice and doing it constantly. Lean into the quantum science of waves becoming particles and make sure that the energy you broadcast and also absorb is beautiful so that when it becomes physical matter inside of you, it is beautiful. Incorporate the spiritual aspects of this science by living your purpose. Feel out what energies feels best cycling through your body, then unapologetically cycle that energy, and step into the Divine Wisdom of allowing yourself to fulfill your purpose, whatever that is. 

When you live in and transmit energy aligned with your purpose, you feel beautiful energetically to yourself and others. Your Quantum Beauty enters the room before you do, and stays with people after you leave.

Quantum beauty is a substantial form of beauty that surpasses your physical form. It is the highest type of beauty. It attracts more beauty. It brings abundance. It thrives in community. It allows you to be the highest and best expression of yourself. It keeps your body vital and working optimally. It requires daily practice, which gets easier and easier the more you do it. Giving time and attention to this practice, you allow yourself to flow with the divine universal energy as a precious and beautiful piece of the cosmos.