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We craft our products in small batches so you always get the freshest product. As a result, orders often take 7-10 to fulfill. Sometimes less. If you have an emergency reason you need your order to ship sooner, please contact us at hello@kauhealth.com and explain the situation. The shipping method you select only pertains to the amount of time your package is in transit and does not impact how quickly your order will be filled.

Once your order ships, we will email you a shipping confirmation. Inside that email, you will find your UPS tracking number with an embedded link. Click on the tracking number to track your package. If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery, please contact UPS using your tracking number. They have a very fast and easy-to-use live chat feature on their website. All shipping matters are the customer's responsibility and are between the shipping carrier and the customer to resolve.

All international orders require additional customs taxes & fees, which are the customer's responsibility, and payable online to the carrier before delivery can be made. Payment on delivery is no longer an option. Please track your package DAILY once it ships with the tracking number provided. Once your package arrives inside your country, the package tracking screen will give you a link to pay the taxes online. IMMEDIATELY pay your taxes & fees to avoid your package being sent to the customs warehouse and experiencing delivery delays. If you do not pay the taxes within 2 weeks, your package will be considered abandoned and destroyed by your customs department. We do not issue refunds for destroyed packages.

We love Mother Earth and thus are a paperless company. You will receive an order confirmation with the tracking number and list of package contents instead of a physical packing slip. If you’d like a packing slip included with your order, simply note that at checkout.

All subscriptions require a three-order-cycle minimum. We are happy to extend the time between your subscription shipments or cancel your subscription at any time, but all subscribers must complete three orders to qualify for our subscription price. If three orders are not completed in your subscription, your card on file will be charged $100 plus the difference between the single-purchase price and the subscription price for the orders you received and $20 shipping charges that were waived. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to these terms and by making your initial subscription payment, you enter into a legally binding contract agreeing to these terms.

We reserve the right to refuse any customer for any reason. Due to the nature of our products, they are not returnable.

Each product can be stirred into 6 oz or more of any beverage and enjoyed daily. We recommend mixing them into herbal or green tea, or hot water with lemon. They can also be stirred into broth, oatmeal, yogurt, chia seed pudding, or mixed into a smoothie. Warm liquids will allow the powder to mix into the beverage best. Hot liquids will cause the product to congeal, which doesn’t impact its effectiveness, but you might not like the consistency of having congealed chunks in your beverage. Cold liquids will cause the powder to clump slightly, but that will not impact its effectiveness.

No. When you take any raw material into your body, it doesn’t stay that raw material. A chemical reaction between the raw material ingredients and the conditions inside your body occurs whenever you ingest something. Each product has a separate and different reaction in the body. Think of baking soda. You can combine a small scoop of baking soda with flour, milk, and eggs and put it in the oven. You have a loaf of bread when you take it out of the oven. You couldn’t cut into that bread and find the baking soda, it has become part of it. Now imagine that you take a second small scoop of the same baking soda and you mix it with red food coloring and vinegar. You now have the “lava” for your child’s science fair volcano. You can’t see the baking soda in the “lava” because it has mixed with the other ingredients to become something else. If you run out of baking soda, you can’t put a slice of bread containing baking soda into the “lava” recipe to replace it; you won’t get the desired result. It’s the same when you take any of our products. The ingredients in the recipe of each product work only as part of that particular product.

We take vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to receive a desired benefit, not for a particular ingredient. Let’s say, for example, you are hoping to boost your immune system, so you want to take Vitamin C because that’s something you’ve heard helps your immune system. You could get that Vitamin C from an orange, elderberry, or a synthetic Vitamin C pill. You can boost your immune system with any of those. But, you could also take zinc, which doesn’t contain any vitamin C, but will boost your immune system better than Vitamin C can. You don’t need Vitamin C in particular, you need the boosted immune system. If you could eat an orange, or take a zinc tablet, but the zinc tablet will give you more of a benefit– wouldn’t you rather take the zinc tablet? You shouldn’t be looking for a certain ingredient, you should be looking for the desired result. Our products are formulated to give you maximum benefit when taken as directed. They may contain things you’ve heard of, and they may contain things you are not familiar with–but work better than the things you have heard of.

You have probably been taught to identify with your biological body, and to focus on taking care of that biology. You are only ⅓ a biological benign. You are ⅔ electromagnetics. Other companies make products that only address ⅓ of your health needs. We combine biology + chemistry + physics + mathematics to bring you formulations that address your biology and your electromagnetics. Our formulations are mathematically perfect ratios of limited and rare ingredients that not only optimize your biology, they also impact your DNA, and the electrical and magnetic systems that are responsible for your peak performance. No other company does that.

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