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You Live in a Temporary, Limited, Sacred Vessel.

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You have been taught since early childhood to identify yourself with the outer appearance of your physical body. Your parents taught you to point to your nose, ears and eyes and identify your physical features. What they didn’t teach you, most likely, is that your physical body is simply a container for a small part of what you are. You exist well beyond the outside limits of your physical body as an energetic body. 

Your energetic body has functionality just like your physical body. It exists to carry out certain processes. Your physical body makes sure your heart beats, your lungs breathe, and your gut digests food. Your energetic body acts as a transmitter and receiver of energy. You are continuously transmitting your energy out and receiving energy in. 

We all transmit energy as well as receive energy, much like a transistor radio picks up signals and can broadcast signals. You can feel the energy being emitted by other people, by animals and by nature. Anything living emits and receives energy. Some energy feels good, while other energy feels bad. Because we can’t quite identify the properties of energy with our limited human senses, we make sense out of energy by putting language around it for things with which we are familiar. For instance, we say that someone is beautiful on the inside, although we can’t see in a literal way how that person looks inside. When we say someone is beautiful on the inside, it is because they feel beautiful to us, beyond how they look.

The more you tune into noticing and feeling energies, the more you will develop your energetic sensitivity as a super sense. Have you ever felt someone’s presence before they entered a room? Have you felt someone staring at you? Have you spoken to someone and felt exhausted or run down afterwards? Have you felt compelled to cross the street so as not to walk next to someone, but weren’t sure why? Have you had the experience of meeting someone and being so transfixed by their magnetism that you can’t even recall how they looked, only how you felt when you were with them? All of these are common experiences of sensing energy.

We feel the beauty of others much more than we see their beauty. The senses in our physical bodies are extreemly limited.

The human eye can see less than 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our ears can only detect sound between 20Hz-20kHz. Overall, our brains perceive a minute fraction of the energies and frequencies all around us. There is much more happening all around us all the time than our human brains can take in through our human senses. Most of us only see and hear one dimension of the 18 or more dimensions occurring all around us. Even though you might not be able to hear and see everything around you, you can feel the energy if you tune into it. 

We can sense the energy of beauty, and feeling energy is more impactful than seeing beauty. Some sensory experiences cause a stronger memory impression than others, and energy is at the top of that list. Yet, when we want to be more beautiful, we focus on our outer appearance without even a passing thought about beautifying our energy. We buy eye-defining mascara and use a brightening concealer, hoping to make our eyes more distinctive when our eyes would be brighter, more soulful and more alluring if we instead beautified our energy so that our inner light would shine through our eyes. If you want your friends to start asking you how you are looking younger and more beautiful – “Is it a serum?” “Did you get a haircut?” “Did you go to the dermatologist?” – you don’t necessarily need new skincare or expensive makeup. You need to work on your energy. 

Have you ever met someone who looked beautiful in their photos but when you met them in person they didn’t seem as beautiful, even though they are eye-catching? That’s because without emitting beautiful energy, you don’t come across as truly beautiful in person. This is why we describe someone as “attractive” or “sexy,” but don’t call them “gorgeous” or “beautiful.” The difference is the energy of their Quantum Beauty.