Protein Signaling

Has a broken traffic signal ever stalled your commute?

Every function in your body is operated by protein signals, which have a lot in common with traffic signals. 

Protein signals give the green light for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe and your hair to grow. The more signals you have giving green lights in your system, the better your system functions.

When you are young, your system functions optimally because protein signals give you green lights. You look, feel, and function optimally without a second thought. Your traffic flows.

Over time, these protein signals start to degenerate due to a buildup of toxins and stressors over time. As a result, green lights start to blink yellow, detour signs and potholes emerge, and stop lights start to appear and multiply. As a result, your system starts to malfunction and “age.”

Regenerate green lights

To reset your system back to “factory settings” & thus optimize your vitality, immunity, beauty & longevity, you need the functionality, breath, and depth of every possible protein signal giving your system a green light.

When your system has a functional level of 20/20 amino acids at professional grade at once, you have 1,048,575 different protein combinations = 1,048,575 different protein signals = 1,048,575 green lights. 

The grade of amino acids matters

You wouldn’t put a tankful of standard unleaded fuel in your Bugatti.

You wouldn’t put a handful of pesticide covered standard blueberries in your mouth.

Why are you putting standard proteins and supplements in your system?

If you prioritize your health by eating clean, organic groceries, the same high standard needs to apply to your supplements. 

kaü products are professional, medical grade available for home use.

The absorption of amino acids matters

Feeling stressed? Tired? Sore? Irritable? Looking run down? Feeling depleted? Losing focus? Gaining weight? Getting wrinkles? Losing sleep?

If so, you likely aren’t getting a functional level of all 20 amino acids from the protein in your diet, and thus don’t have the right protein signals to support and address these issues. 

Did you know your body absorbs only 3% of standard, consumer-grade supplements and 50% of standard quality protein in food? 

Nothing else on the market contains 20/20 professional-grade amino acids at a functional level with 100% absorbability, meaning 100% benefit to you. 

You might be seeing some benefit from what you are currently taking. If 3% is giving you some benefit, imagine what 100% benefit will do.