Why Do You Age?

We expect to age. We have come to anticipate wrinkles, body aches, major illness, and degeneration. Yet, none of that has to happen.

Your body wasn’t designed to degenerate.

Aging is akin to disease--a disorder of the structure and/or function of the body. It isn’t normal. It isn’t necessary.

Why does it happen?

Your body was designed to operate in a pristine, clean environment. You instead live in an environment that is environmentally toxic. So, largely due to things over which you have very little control, your body only operates at a youthful “factory setting” for a short period of lifespan before starting to malfunction due to the buildup of toxins.

How does aging happen? Cellular degeneration.

You shed existing cells and grow new cells to replace the cells you shed.
This doesn’t just happen to the cells on your skin--it happens with the cells that make up every organ and every system in your body.

Your heart. Your brain. Your immune system.

If your body is operating with a buildup of toxins, when you shed cells, your body is less and less able to replace those shed cells with new cells at the same rate.

What’s more, the cells your body grows when it has accumulated damage are cells that do not operate at the level of the optimal “factory setting” of your youth. Instead, new cells are encoded with damage.

Rejuvenating Youth
Its possible to build your body younger cell by cell, but in order to do that, you must generate new cells that are programmed to operate at “factory settings.” functioning at “factory setting,” your body’s innate wisdom kicks in and goes to work rejuvenating and repairing itself.

Just as a seed innately knows how to grow into a tree without any interference or micromanagement, and a human embryo knows how to grow into a baby without a “hack,” your body innately holds the wisdom of optimal functioning. It can and will operate in a state of vitality and health if you give it the right conditions. Just like you must push reset on your phone or computer to reboot it, just like you have to select the command to enable your device to access factory settings, you have to allow your body to reboot using its innate wisdom. Rebooting your human body is a simple push of a button. You don’t have to hack into the system, you don’t have to find a work-around. You simply give bioallowing permission by ingesting all 20 amino acids in perfect, harmonious balance daily.

Your cells are a community that come together to make you function. Every cell works together in concert with every other cell. Rebuilding your body cell by cell with “factory setting” youthful-functioning cells, your body looks, feels and moves better.