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Tribal Legend of Mother Nature

Tribal Legend of Mother Nature

Legend has it that Earth is one of many dimensions that exist, and that to experience it, we as boundless, limitless, infinite and energy enter into the Earth realm through a physical portal.

This portal is not a gateway, it is an in-between space where we briefly stay to acclimatize to the Earth realm. Inside this portal, a small part of our energetic self is poured into a custom, bespoke piece of technology which we will use to experience Earth.

This technology takes awhile to form into something that can exist in the Earth dimension. While the technology develops, we are inside the portal. Inside the portal we cannot see outside the portal, but we have an innate sense that life continues on the other side of the portal, and someone called Mother who we cannot see is caring for us while we are inside the portal. We feel the presence of Mother, even though we cannot see her. We know she exists, and we are cared for by her.

One day, the portal we are in pushes us out to the other side of the portal. This is a painful process, and we are met with sights, sounds, smells and tastes we never knew existed. The change is not something we could have ever imagined. We meet beings we've never met who are happy to see us and we trust them to care for us because we can't seem to do much for ourselves fresh out of the portal. 

When we were inside the portal, our every need was met without us ever having to express the need. When we were hungry, we had immediate nourishment for example. Earthside, we are totally taken care of in the same way--being inside the portal was a microcosm of how the larger macrocosm system works. First, we live inside our Mother. She is the human portal to our existence on Mother Earth. While we are on Earth, Mother Earth takes care of our needs; she feeds, protects, and sustains us. We live inside Mother Earth just like we once lived inside our Mother. When our time on Earth is up, and we go through yet another portal and another Mother cares for us. This process is unceasing. No matter where in the cosmos we are, the presence of a Mother is always there sustaining and protecting us. Even when we can't see her, even when we don't believe in her, she is there believing in us. 

Tribes all over the world have origin stories telling of the great Mother Nature, the creator and sustainer of all life. Once, all people worshiped this Mother, and held women in high esteem as the physical portals between realms, as Mothers.

At kaü we honor the legends of Mother with our product MAMA. It's the very best nourishment from Mother Earth so you can be at your very best, just like Mother Nature intended.