Stop Bio-Hacking and Start Bio-Allowing

Your body has an innate capacity to optimize itself if you allow it.

It seems like everyone is looking for a shortcut to optimal health. Do you opt for health shortcuts?

For example, do you pop an ibuprofen for immediate headache relief instead of practicing breathing and meditation techniques to lower your stress levels and thus prevent tension headaches in the first place?

The thing about taking a shortcut is that it ends up being the long way around, eventually. It comes at a cost.

That’s exactly what happens with BioHacking.

To “hack” something means one of two things.

First, it can mean breaking into something without authorization to exert outside dominance and control.

Second, it can mean to roughly cut or bludgeon something with heavy blows.

One definition applies to the activities of tech-pirates, the other to unskilled lumberjacks.

Neither is a metaphor for true and lasting health optimization.

Forcing your body to produce the desired outcome -- taking a shortcut to health -- is ultimately going to cause more health problems down the proverbial road.

Your natural state -- your "factory setting" is vibrant health & optimal functioning. Bio-allowing is the term I've coined for the practice of allowing your body to function optimally, exactly as it was designed to function. For this to happen, your body needs some consistent assistance, but doesn't require (nor benefit long term from) any hacks.