Quantum Beauty

Beauty on the Inside

We associate “inner beauty” with people who are compassionate and kind. 

We also think of “beauty on the inside” when eating clean, hydrating well and getting plenty of sleep. These, of course, are all facets of inner beauty. 

What is not often acknowledged is that you are very literally able to be physically beautiful on the inside in every one of your cells by changing your energy, which impacts your body’s outer appearance and your overall health and immunity. 

I call this Quantum Beauty. 

Quantum: The word quantum means a single packet of the smallest possible amount of energy or matter. It’s smaller than the microscopic version of teeny-tiny.

You carry billions of units of quantum energy inside you. Your cells are constructed of quantum energy and matter. 

We think a lot about the physical side of cellular construction, and it’s indeed important. We eat organic because we don’t want pesticides or other toxic chemicals to enter our cells. We use non-toxic household cleaning products and makeup for the same reason. 

However, there is another way toxicity enters your body. Before anything becomes manifest in physical form, it exists as a wave. That wave is energy. It’s non-physical. That wave might be a thought. It could be something you say. It is possibly something that you hear, even in passing or as background noise. It can even be unspoken, and yet still able to be felt, like the wordless interaction of someone gesturing you to please go ahead of them in line at the market. This quantum energy enters your body and is absorbed more wholly into your system than anything you eat or drink. 

Think about everything you’ve binge-watched on Netflix, everything you’ve muttered to the car ahead of you in traffic, every criticism you’ve thought to yourself as you zip up your jeans. Make a mental list of the phone conversations you’ve had that felt draining afterward, the alarming posts on Facebook you’ve scrolled past, and the news you’ve turned on to have some background noise. Think about all of the items you wouldn’t dream of eating, the dietary restrictions you impose on yourself to keep your body healthy. Now think about all of the negative energy you consume daily and don’t think twice about letting in. 

You absorb and broadcast energy constantly. Just like your heart beats without you having to think or act to cause it to beat, you absorb and broadcast energy naturally as a function. This energy, whether it is coming or leaving, is integrated in physical form inside of you. You are built out of (and thus carry around) all the energy you allow around you, and all of the energy you generate to broadcast. It physically exists in your cells. 

This energy, when it becomes physical, adds to or detracts from your outer beauty. Just like you’ve heard a million times, beauty starts on the inside. That’s a literal statement that we often brush off as a worn-out saying. It’s actually quantum physics. It’s the nature of your physicality on a quantum level.