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You Are a Body of Water 

Image of a body in turquoise water kaü health

Your brain is 85% water. Your heart is 85% water. Your lungs are 75% water. Every one of your hundreds of trillions of cells is filled with water. Overall, you are 80% water. 

Bodies of water are greatly impacted by energy. They conduct energy. They attract energy. They absorb energy. They react in accordance with the energy they absorb. As a body of water, all of this applies to you. 

There have been many scientific studies on what happens to water when it is exposed to certain words and phrases. In these studies, water from a single source is collected and put into different containers, separated from each other. Then, a word or phrase is repeated to the individual containers of water. Next, droplets of water from each container are frozen. Scientists observe the patterns of the ice to see if the ice formation varies given the word the water was exposed to repeatedly and if so, how. 

Water that is repeatedly exposed to words like “love” and “peace” or told affirmations like “you are beautiful” freezes into beautifully shaped ice crystals. Truly stunning. Water that is exposed to insults, hateful words, or aggressive language freezes into ugly, misshapen blobs. 

The energy you emit and absorb very literally changes the structure of water inside your body, making you physically more beautiful or less beautiful inside. Anywhere water is inside of you, if we could see it, we would see either beautiful patterns or misshapen blobs. You carry this beauty or ugliness around with you everywhere you go.