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Limited Edition Bison

WILD Quantum Beauty

Powdered bison bone broth beauty collagen with added ACV and Celtic Sea Salt to support wrinkle reduction, lymphatic drainage and restful beauty sleep!

Perfect for a quick cleanse or a nutritional jumpstart to a new workout plan.

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NASA calls kaü "The biggest advancement in anti-aging of our lifetime"

Upgrade Your DNA + Ignite Your Cellular Luminescence


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you avoid processed foods, so why are you taking synthetic supplements?

Breakthrough science applied to natural superfoods

If you avoid processed foods, why are you taking synthetic supplements? They are the same thing.

kaü Health products are the equivalent of you getting your nourishment from fresh foods at the farmers market. Synthetic supplements are lab-created from non-naturals and non-foods, and akin to highly processed "health" bars and drink mixes out of a carton you would never eat as the core of your diet. Processed food and synthetic supplements are similarly detrimental to your health. They actually cause harm, while doing little good.

Our natural therapies are nutrient dense superfoods from small family farms and gardens, optimized by cutting edge, breakthrough science-- not manufactured, lab-created, or synthetic.

You are a creature of nature, innately designed to benefit from the best nature has to offer. Synthetic ingredients are foreign and toxic to your natural system. Over time, these toxins build up inside you, and cause more harm than good in your system.

Nature supports nature. kaü offers the solutions nature provides, optimized by science.

The result? The best natural, clinically proven supplements for longevity, immunity, strength, energy and beauty.


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All 20 Amino Acids

LIFE Time Alchemy

DNA Aid: Help Upgrade, Awaken, Repair, Replenish, & Regenerate

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Blue zone superfood plants + Amino Acids

MAMA BlueZone Gateway

Support Cellular Light: Help Ignite, Nourish, Strengthen & Restore


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Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories, Flavonoids + Amino Acids

GLOW Fibonacci Elixir

Support your Golden Ratio: Help Detox, De-puff, Replenish & Radiate

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Help Upgrade your dna + cellular health

DNA Damage causes aging

Other anti-aging supplements do not impact your DNA- which contains the operating instructions inside your cells.

Other longevity products help generate new cells, but these cells are a direct copy of your current cells. Their DNA is coded to operate with the same level of aging and damage your current cells have.

The result? Your fresh cells look & feel new for a short period of time- but operate with malfunctioning DNA instructions to age & degenerate rapidly. Taking them, you do more harm than good to your body. In the short term, you feel great. In the long term, you replicate and also accumulate additional cellular damaging, which causes increased aging, so you look and feel worse over time.

kaü Health products are the only products in the world with the breakthrough technology to help upgrade the operating instructions inside your DNA, aid in reverse aging cellular function, & help ignite your cellular luminescence for supported youthful strength, energy & glow. Naturally.

Don't get taken in by flashy marketing, low prices and empty promises. Nature supports nature. World-class, natural ingredients promote deep and lasting impact. Make an investment in your longevity.


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Harvard Doctorate & NASA Scientist

Dr. Linda Ellison

kaü Health Founder, Dr. Linda Ellison is a biochemist and physicist. She has been called a "world-class anti-aging visionary," a "trailblazing pioneer on the frontier of cellular therapy," and a "revolutionary expert in DNA functioning." Besides her work at kaü Health, Dr. Ellison is an Investigative Scientist at NASA, the Head of The Institute of DNA Science, the Chair of The Council on Blue Zone Indigenous Medicines, and the visionary behind kaü Medical. Previous to her current work, Dr. Ellison was a Managing Director at the United Nations, where she focused on malnutrition and maternal malaria care in rural and remote indigenous populations.


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