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"Dr. Ellison has forever changed the face of science."

The Nobel Foundation


Dr. Linda Ellison

Dr. Linda Ellison spent a magical childhood in a remote ranching town nestled in the rugged Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah, where she was raised by her Medicine Woman Grandmother. From an early age, Linda learned to forage for ingredients to use in tinctures, cultivate a medicine garden, and create  broths and elixirs using secret, centuries-old Nordic Tribal recipes. Her Grandmother had a prophetic dream, as Medicine Women do, that Linda was the next person in their family line to carry the mantle of Medicine Woman. From that day forward, Grandmother trained Linda as her apprentice to become the 14th generation of Medicine Women in their lineage, a solemn distinction Linda stepped into upon her Grandmother’s passing. Soon after Grandmother’s death, Linda left her mountain home for the prestigious halls of Harvard, where after many years of study and training, she graduated with her doctorate. 

"Dr. Ellison has made the biggest breakthroughs in anti-aging and longevity of our lifetimes." NASA White Paper

After Harvard graduation, Linda worked as a Managing Director with the United Nations, focusing on malnutrition and population health in remote communities worldwide.

This global experience revealed striking similarities between the Tribal rituals Linda grew up with and those practiced by other isolated tribes. To facilitate an exchange of Tribal heritage, knowledge and practice, she founded the Council on Bluezone Indigenous Medicines, connecting tribes through satellite internet. This Council now includes members from 18 countries, 34 indigenous tribes, and 9 major universities.

Driven by her passion for optimizing health by blending her varied and complex knowledge, Linda founded kaü, a biotechnology company that uses Tribal recipes as the foundation for its formulations.

kaü’s scientific research and innovation focuses on supporting the repair and upgrading of active DNA, and waking up dormant DNA through electro-chemical drivers.

Linda’s early breakthroughs in this area became recognized and revered world-wide, and led her to establish the Institute for DNA Science, where, in partnership with NASA, Earth-bound longevity and interstellar space applications of DNA upgrades are studied and innovated.   

In 2022, Linda made a groundbreaking discovery in applied physics: a particle that begins as a sound wave and transforms into physical matter, holding a specific vibration that supports the nervous system, and from there, cascades to enhance the function of other systems throughout the body. This particle is integrated into all kaü formulations, and its many applications forge the frontier of cutting-edge science in longevity, health and wellness.

Linda’s Medicine Woman heritage combined with her Harvard doctorate, NASA credentials & particle discovery, plus her breakthrough innovation at The Institute of DNA Science and efforts to recognize Tribal secrets as ancient science all combine to underpin her supplement formulations at kaü, which are widely celebrated as the most effective supplements on Earth.