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The best source for supplement news & scientific advancements in beauty, wellness and optimal health.

Photo in nature of turquoise blue flower surrounded by green leaves

Respect Your Energy Allergies

The next level of feeling your best is to follow an energy diet. Just like some people have a gluten allergy, think about the energetic allergies you have, and then...

Photo of kaü health supplement green powder in vessel sitting in nature

Stop Bio-Hacking and Start Bio-Allowing

Your body has an innate capacity to optimize itself if you allow it. It seems like everyone is looking for a shortcut to optimal health. Do you opt for health shortcuts?...

Tribal Legend of Mother Nature

Tribal Legend of Mother Nature

Tribes all over the world have origin stories telling of the great Mother, the creator and sustainer of all life. Once, all people worshiped a creator Mother, held women in...

Regenerate Your Vitality with LIFE by kaü Health, collagen supplements,longevity vitamins,anti-inflammatory support

Regenerate Your Vitality

Signal Youth → Your body wasn’t designed to “grow older.”  → 75% of “aging” is the consequence of damage caused by environment & lifestyle.  → The accumulation of this damage...



Nasa has confirmed there is a new, faster energy coming to earth from the center of the galaxy. This energy is speeding up the movement of molecules, atoms, and cells....

Woman in water with arms down Why Do You Age by kaü Health

Why Do You Age?

We expect to age. We have come to anticipate wrinkles, body aches, major illness, and degeneration. Yet, none of that has to happen. Your body wasn’t designed to degenerate. Aging...

Photo of woman at cafe table journalling with coffee and laptop on table, Your Agency is Self Kindness by kaü Health

Your Agency in Self Kindness

KAÜ /KAH-OO/ IS THE COMBINATION OF TWO SACRED SOUNDS. It means the celebration of kindness. Taking kaü products is a form of kindness toward yourself. Honor yourself and all that...

Close up of woman with dark hair putting on product.  How Do Anti-aging Products Work?  Anti-Aging supplements by kaü Heallth

How Do Anti-aging Products Work?

If you live as you do now, you will continue to accumulate the debris and damage that is degenerating your DNA’s functioning. Eventually, this build-up will cause age-related disease and...

Woman in red with dark hair laying faceup in water, regenerate a younger you, anti-aging supplements by kaü Health

Regenerate a Younger You

20/20 amino acids in perfect balance cosmically collided during the Creation event that made our Universe, creating all Life.  As a result, YOU are made up of 20/20 amino acids. ...

MAMA anti-aging weightloss supplement in wood bowl in nature by kaü HealthThe Absorption Level of Amino Acids Matters

The Absorption Level of Amino Acids Matters

Feeling stressed? Tired? Sore? Irritable? Looking run down? Feeling depleted? Losing focus? Gaining weight? Getting wrinkles? Losing sleep? If so, you likely aren’t getting a functional level of all 20...

MAMA supplement green powder in vessel in nature  best skin supplements for aging by kaü Health

The Grade of Amino Acids Matters

You wouldn’t put a tankful of standard unleaded fuel in your Bugatti. You wouldn’t put a handful of pesticide-covered standard blueberries in your mouth. Why are you putting standard proteins...