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For Vibrant Health, Clean Up Your Wave Environment

Woman with hands above her head in middle of movement, For Vibrant Health, Clean Up Your Wave Environment by kaü Health

We live together in a modern, populated environment that is constantly being affected by invisible waves of energy. all around us are electricity waves, electromagnetic waves, artificial light waves, blue light waves, as well as sound waves. 

Inside this environment of foreign waves, we ourselves, are unique and distinctive frequencies and vibrations. our brains emit a personal energetic signature that is as unique as our fingerprints. We transmit our personal signature waves, and we absorb the signatures of everyone and everything around us. all of this happens at an unconscious level. Just as certain sound waves are pleasing to hear, like a beautiful piece of music, certain frequencies feel pleasing to be around-- for example, you feel uplifted being around certain people, and feel depleted being around others.  

You have invisible radar, like an antenna, that automatically picks up waves.

You receive these waves without knowing it. The frequency of the waves you pick up has a substantial impact on your health and well being. 

Energy waves carry tiny packets of information. This information informs your body and brain and impacts their functioning. For example, waves impact your mental state (including anxiety and depression), your emotional state (like feeling sad or overwhelmed), and affect your stress levels and ability to sleep. 

You are always adapting to the quality of the waves around you, and mirroring them. It’s vital to protect yourself from waves you don’t want to adopt and adapt to. You would stop spending time with a “friend” who physically throws mud in your face. But, you’ll chat with people who gossip, complain, are petty, and constantly unhappy. You wouldn’t walk alone in a location known to be dangerous. Yet, you watch violent content and listen to violent lyrics. It’s time to match your level of physical alertness and protection with a new level of energetic alertness and protection.