Experience Angel Technology

Legend has it that 11,000 years ago, the Nordic Tribespeople were suffering terribly during a brutal Arctic winter. 

Their Medicine Woman walked onto the tundra during a white-out blizzard and called on The Ancestors, praying for help restoring vitality to her people. 

As she prayed, the Northern Lights grew brighter and formed a bridge between The Heavens and The Earth. 

Down the bridge walked an Angel who brought the Medicine Woman healing Angel Technology. 

Together they made elixirs for the Nordic Tribespeople, combining physical and energetic components, enhancing nutrient-dense ingredients with prayer. 

The Angel and the Medicine Woman married, and together they had a family. They passed down the secrets of Angel Technology to their children and grandchildren. 

The Angel foretold of a time when people beyond the Arctic would experience the benefits of these elixirs. kaü is blessed to be the bearer of this Technology and share it with you.