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kaü Heritage

Legend has it that long ago, near the North Pole, the Nordic Tribe faced a brutal winter. A young Tribal Medicine Woman, newly entrusted with her tribe’s health after her mother’s passing, found herself battling against a peculiar illness that ravaged her entire Tribe and had taken the life of her mother. 

The traditional Tribal elixirs and tinctures passed down to the Medicine Woman did little to stop this deadly plague. Desperate for guidance, she built a bonfire, then drew its smoke to her head with a feather, and called in the Directions and the Ancestor Council. She pleaded for help. The smoke of the fire instructed the Medicine Woman to journey alone onto the frozen tundra for three days without stopping to receive her answer.
Woman looking at moon night sky with dark hair back view kaü health meditations

Braving total darkness, a severe blizzard, and her fears, the Medicine Woman walked for three days. Near the end of the third day, amidst the stillness inside the eye of a snow tornado, she paused. Exhaustion and defeat engulfed her. She started to cry, thinking the Medicine Wisdom of her Tribe would die with her there on the tundra. She didn’t have the strength to make it back home on feet that were frozen and bloody. 

Suddenly, the Northern Lights appeared in the Heavens directly above her, then descended, forming a bridge from the Heavens to the Earth at her feet. A tall, angelic* figure with long blonde hair and huge white wings walked down the bridge, bringing with him celestial, secret knowledge. He taught the Medicine Woman how to infuse her Tribal recipes with this divine wisdom, to create supercharged elixirs. 

Once the Medicine Woman had learned the sacred secrets, she was transported in an instant back to her teepee, where a pot of warm broth and a stack of new blankets magically awaited her. The next morning, she crafted elixirs as the angel had instructed, and miraculously, her tribe not only recovered, but thrived at a whole new level. From that day forward, these Tribal elixirs, infused with Angel Technology, have been a daily ritual among the Tribe, and are credited with the Tribe’s extraordinary longevity, strength, immunity, energy, and youthful beauty.

Now, you too can experience the Nordic Bluezone Tribe’s longevity secrets with products from kaü**

*The tribal word for angel is the same as the tribal word for alien. They are multidimensional beings that visit Earth from the Sky.

** kaü /kah-oo/ is the combination of two sacred tribal sounds. Together they mean “the celebration of kindness.” kaü celebrates the kindness you show yourself by taking our products.

Our Nordic Tribal Formula

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