Nordic Tribal remedy recipes | optimized by Modern Medicine Women | with pharmaceutical-level science | gifting vitality, immunity, anti-aging beauty, & longevity | on a cellular level

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"Trailblazing beauty & immunity supplement"

“Transform your skin and boost your immune system”


20/20 Amino Acids at a Mathematically Perfect Balance

Just like the construction of a beautiful piece of music follows the mathematical “theory of roughness”-- sharp and flat notes, leisurely and quick tempos, high and low octaves, delicate and emphasized tones, our Amino Acids are formulated in a mathematically perfect balance of roughness to give you 100% Recommended Daily Intake of each, creating a symphony in your cells.



20/20 Amino Acids Powder

20/20 Amino Acids at professional-grade, not otherwise available on the commercial market, for personal home use.


Cellular Generation
Weight Management
Focus & Clarity



20/20 Amino Acids + Vitamin & Nutrient-dense Superfood Blend 



• Baby’s healthy brain, heart, & immunity development
• Mama’s immunity, energy, mood, & focus boost


• Breastmilk nutrient content boosted for Baby’s continued healthy development & immunity
• Mama’s postpartum recovery, immunity, weight management, balanced mood, energy & focus.

Raise your vibration


Hand-crafted Selenite Stone Vessel

Physics says: A stable, high vibration is able to raise the vibration of everyone/thing in close proximity.
Tribal Wisdom says: A rising tide lifts all boats.  

Our Selenite Stone Vessel has one of the highest vibrations on earth. It resonates with your own biomagnetic field to: 

• Stimulate immune response 
• Calm stress & anxiety

When used as a canister, SSV energetically interacts with our amino powders, elevating their vibrational energy and amplifying their impact in your cells.

Capacity for 200g.

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Gucci Westman, Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Jenna Rennert, Beauty Editor, Vogue Magazine

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Angela Tafoya, Editor, Lonny Magazine

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"My immunity, skin, hair & nails are all unreal. And my bloating is all gone."


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"I'm stronger, energized and youthful taking kaü. It's the one thing I take every day, no matter what."


"kaü makes the best products in the world. I've tried literally everything--my kitchen cupboards are a supplement graveyard. I don't use anything else after starting kaü daily. It's my obsession."


"I love your amino product! I am a physician and cell biologist so I KNOW it works!"

-Dr. Michelle


Dr. Linda Ellison is recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s foremost experts on amino acids, cellular nutrition and aging, and optimal human system functioning for immunity, strength, youth, beauty, and general health.

Dr. Linda grew up in a town of 200 people on the side of a mountain in Northern Utah. She earned her Master's and Doctorate at Harvard University, where she joined the faculty before working for the United Nations, where she brought amino acid health therapies to undernourished populations worldwide.

After a successful career at the UN, Dr. Linda founded kaü Health, recognized by Forbes Magazine as the largest female-led biotechnology company in the world. kaü Health applies pharmaceutical-level science to create professional-grade amino acids supplements with an unsurpassed level of effectiveness. The foundation of all formulations made at kaü Health come from ancient Nordic tribal “remedy recipes” passed to Dr. Linda by her folk healer grandmother.

kaü’s first consumer product, LIFE, has achieved a fervent cult following of A-list celebrities, professional athletes, royal families, and top-level entrepreneurs, and is named “the best” supplement for beauty and immunity by Vogue Magazine.

Dr. Linda is passionate about BioAllowing (a term she coined meaning allowing the body's innate capacity to optimize itself rather than "hacking" or forcing it to do something unnaturally) and applies her proprietary modalities of BioAllowing consulting for NASA, Olympic coaches, NBA & NFL team doctors, and top neurologists, oncologists, virologists, and generative medicine specialists.

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