the new frontier of anti-aging, created by Dr. Linda Ellison

the kaü collection

pinnacle of anti-aging science

Dr. Linda Ellison created kaü Health's cutting-edge oral cellular therapies from 11,000 year old Nordic tribal medicine recipes, and optimized them with advanced science.

Heralded by NASA as “the biggest advancement in anti-aging of our lifetime,” Dr. Ellison's breakthrough is now available for deliverly directly to your doorstep.

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advanced cellular technology

In 1958, a French oncologist named Georges Mathé performed the first round of stem cell therapy to save the lives of six cancer patients. Ever since, cellular therapy has involved injecting living cells into humans for regeneration and renewal. Traditional cell therapy is costly, painful and only available via injection.

Dr. Ellison and her team at kaü Health have advanced cell therapy to bring you a painless, more refined and efficient solution: an effective powder you dissolve into any beverage and drink daily.

reawaken your youth

kaü Health's cellular therapies help repair damaged & immobilized cells, support the activation of dormant DNA, and aid in the generation of new, youthful coded cells–restoring you to your former, youthful self. Daily use may leave you with an overall sense of vitality that you haven’t felt in years.

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Experience Angel Technology

Tribal lore says that 11,000 years ago, an Angel walked down from Heaven on a bridge of Northern Lights and gave a Nordic Tribal Medicine Woman health-upgrading recipes, which are credited with The Nordic tribepeople's long lifespans and active, healthy, happy lives. These medicine recipies were passed down through 14 generations of Medicine Women to kaü Health's founder, Dr. Linda Ellison. We use these ancient tribal medicine recipes as the basis of our product formulations.

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activate youthful health

feel good, look good, & live vibrantly

20 amino acids + ancient medicine + modern science

kaü Health went on a quest around the world searching for the most complete natural sources of amino acids for our cellular therapies.

We used the amino acids to make 11,000-year-old Nordic tribal medicine recipes, and optimized the result with our revolutionary, award-winning science.

The result? Effective cellular therapy results at home without needles, and thousands of happy clients worldwide.

Introducing Dr. Linda Ellison, a visionary leader in the field of longevity and cellular health.  

Holding a Doctorate from Harvard University, Dr. Ellison is a career biochemist and biophysicist with a Scientific Innovation contract at NASA. She has pioneered the new frontier of cellular therapy anti-aging technology.

As the founder & Chief Scientist of kaü Health, the premier anti-aging, female-led biotechnology company in the world, Dr. Ellison has developed a revolutionary line of oral cellular therapy, drawing on the ancient wisdom of Nordic tribal medicine passed down through 14 generations of her own family lineage. Her cutting-edge products are the result of rigorous clinical research and meticulous testing, and are designed to support optimal cellular health and longevity.  

“I’m dedicated to pioneering the frontier of human longevity and anti-aging technology. I want you to look, feel and move your best so that you can live a more vibrant life, longer. Join me at the forefront of anti-aging and invest in your future health with my latest advancements in cell therapy.”