An eternal spring of anti-aging

the kaü collection

NASA calls it "The biggest advancement in anti-aging of our lifetime"

Welcome to the new frontier of cellular therapy.


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The only one of its kind

Besides injectable stem cell therapies, only kaü brings you anti-aging therapies that help generate new cells with youthful operating instructions.

Our difference?

No needles. No downtime. No clinic visits.


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stem cell technology reimagined

Gone are the days when the only effective cellular therapy was costly and painful stem cell injections.

We cracked the code of youth

Simply mix LIFE & MAMA (individually or together) in any hot or cold beverage and drink daily to replenish your youth.


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All 20 Amino Acids

LIFE || Time Alchemy

Upgrade, Awaken, Repair, Replenish, & Regenerate

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Blue zone superfood plants + LIFE

MAMA || BlueZone Gateway

Nourish, Strengthen, Reduce inflammation, & Restore


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Your dna


The DNA inside your cells contains an operating instructions file that tells your cells how to function. 

In your youth, the file is pristine. It directs your cells to operate with peak functioning, giving you optimal health & beauty. 

Past the age of 25, the operating instructions file becomes corrupted due to accumulated debris and damage. As a result, your cells operate with malfunctions. The constant accumulation of damage leading to increased cellular malfunctioning is a cycle we call aging. 

kaü products support your system in breaking the cycle of aging by helping trigger the generation of new cells with youthful operating instructions.

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are you using an

outdated anti-aging approach

Topical stem cell anti-aging products and standard anti-aging supplements boost cellular production but don’t change the operating instructions in your new cells– because they don’t have the technology to do so. Using these products, you may generate fresh cells but the cells you grow contain instructions to operate at the level of degeneration in your system because the instructions replicate the active, current instructions. Your fresh cells look new for a short period of time but operate with the malfunctioning instruction to degenerate rapidly. 

Stem cell injections trigger the growth of new cells with youthful operating instructions, but are a painful and costly.

Only kaü supports effective youthful DNA upgrades and youthful cell replenishment without injections and clinic visits.


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anti-aging visionary

our founder

Dr. Linda Ellison, Harvard Ph.D. is a biochemist, a pioneer in cellular therapy, and an expert in DNA functioning. Dr. Ellison is an Investigative Scientist at NASA, the Founder and Cheif Scientist of kaü Health, the Head of The Institute of DNA Science, the Chair of The Council on Blue Zone Indigenous Medicines, and the visionary behind kaü Medical, currently in pre-clinical cancer care development. Previous to her current work, Dr. Ellison was a Managing Director at the United Nations, where she focused on malnutrition and maternal malaria care with rural and remote indigenous populations, and was also a professor at Harvard College.