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MAMA || BlueZone Gateway


Step through the Gateway into your own Blue Zone

Blue Zones are places on Earth where people routinely live significantly longer, healthier, & happier lives. 

MAMA Bluezone Gateway is a centuries-old, sacred tribal elixir optimized with advanced science to help support your journey into longevity and vibrant health. 

The ultimate, total-system nutrient combination of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants from rare, nourishing blue zone superfood plants, plus LIFE Time Alchemy, our award-winning, proprietary 20/20 medical grade amino acids.

MAMA Bluezone Gateway aids in detoxifying your body of deep-seated inflammation and system debris and helps build robust immunity. It supports renewed energy, helps stimulate cell turnover, aids in the repair and renewal of internal system functioning due to age-related damage, and helps illuminate vibrant, youthful beauty.

There is no comparison to the replenishing, revitalizing power of nourishment from MAMA Bluezone Gateway as it supports the generation of new, youthful-functioning cells to rebuild a youthful, vital, and vibrant you.

We recommend taking MAMA Bluezone Gateway together with LIFE Time Alchemy daily for optimal system functioning. 



Brain health | Heart health |Gut health | Immune health| Skin glow | Mood balance | Longevity

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30 scoops | 222g

Mix 1 scoop of powder into 6 ounces or more of any beverage, hot or cold, and enjoy 1-2 times per day. MAMA's roasted, earthy flavor blends well into herbal tea, hot water with lemon, or a smoothie.

Please visit our INGREDIENTS page for a full list of ingredients and benefits of MAMA

7 days +
Sharper focus| Increased energy |Improved gut health| Decreased inflammation

14 days +
Mood balance| Deeper sleep| Peak performance

21 days +
Hair, skin & nail beauty| Increased immunity| System strength

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