“You have 32.2 trillion cells. They constantly shed and are regenerated. After 30, your cellular generation slows way down. You shed cells regularly, but don’t immediately replace them. When you do replace those cells, the cells you generate correspond to your biological age. LIFE triggers your body to rapidly generate new cells, and signals your body to make those cells youthfully-functioning cells. You grow an entirely new body every 7 years. Currently, you are growing a new body made up of increasingly older-functioning cells. With LIFE, you can instead build a body of 32.2 trillion youthful-functioning cells.”

Dr. Linda Ellison

kaü /kah-oo/ is the combination of two sacred sounds.

 It means the celebration of kindness. Taking kaü products is a form of kindness toward yourself. Honor yourself and all that you do for others by doing something kind for yourself.

Our flower is a visual representation of kindness. A flower shares with us the kindness of its beauty and fragrance. 

Flowers also share the kindness of unique and powerful nutrients. Our LIFE amino acids are extracted from the hides of rare-breed cows. These cows graze on fields of wildflowers that grow in soil previously covered for 34 million years by glaciers. 

Wildflowers growing with vibrancy and vitality on barren land through frozen soil remind us of our own capacity for resilience under harsh conditions.

our commitment to


We are committed to being kind to the Earth. 

Our LIFE amino acids are procured from small, private, family farms that treat their animals well--the rare-breed cattle drink from glacier runoff streams, graze on wildflower fields, and listen to Bach in the barn. The farms make use of the whole animal, nothing goes to waste. As former vegans ourselves, these conditions are top-of-mind for us. We only use nutrients gently extracted from their hides, and never use ground up animal parts like other supplements.