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LIFE Time Alchemy

Our amino acid supplement has a proprietary balance of all 20/20 amino acids at medical grade and supports upgrading your DNA in 20 minutes for ultimate Creation and regeneration of a younger you.

LIFE Time Alchemy is a white powder that is nearly tasteless and odorless. It dissolves into 6 ounces or more of any liquid, warm or cold.

LIFE Time Alchemy

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LIFE's Ingredients

Cell repair| Cell generation| Brain boost| Sleep aid| Memory support| Mood balance

Energy enhancement| Nervous system support| Immune system boost

Hair growth support| Skin radiance|Nail strength| Anti-aging beauty

Anti-aging beauty| System detoxification

Better sleep| Stress reduction| Mood boost

Brain boost| Cellular generation

Gut health| Muscle build| Weight management| Immune boost

Nervous system support| Mood balance| Anxiety calm

Cognitive enhancement| Brain-fog support| Focus enhancement| Sleep support

Memory support| Focus enhancement| Immune boost

Skin radiance| Gut health| Joint support

Muscle build| Performance boost| Energy enhancement

Muscle build| Increased stamina| Metabolism boost

Tissue regeneration| Metabolism boost

Increased stamina| Energy enhancement| Brain boost

Stress reduction| Skin radiance| Weight management

Mood balance| Relaxing calm| Skin radiance

Stress reduction| Anxiety calm| Brain boost| Skin radiance

Appetite suppression| Sleep aid| Anxiety calm

Increased vascular flow| Heart health

MAMA BlueZone Gateway


MAMA Bluezone Gateway

A multivitamin proprietary blend of whole, bluezone superfood plus 20/20 amino acids. The best from Mother Earth for robust strength, immunity and beauty: amino acids, multivitamins, anti-inflamatories, & anti-oxidants.

MAMA Bluezone Gateway is a green powder and has an earthy, roasted flavor. It dissolves into 6 ounces or more of warm liquid.

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MAMA's Ingredients

Includes all LIFE Ingredients, Plus

Cell vitality| Vision support| Immune function

Vision| Skin| Hair| Brain| Heart| Gut| Sleep

Digestion| Immunity| Anti-inflammatory| Anti-aging

Brain| Immunity| Calm

Brain| Mood| Hair| Skin| Nails| Heart

Tissue repair| Immunity| Bones| Teeth

Vision| Immunity| Blood| Brain| Skin

Bone strength| Heart health| Wound healing

Heart| Brain| Immunity| Weight regulation| Anti-inflammatory

Skin| Hair| Nails| Cell vitality| Anti-inflammatory

Brain| Gut Health| Heart| Hair| Skin| Nails

Energy| Focus| Gut| Immunity

Heart| Bones| Muscles| Mood balance

Heart| Bones| Hormone balance| Anti-inflammatory