Dr. Linda Ellison

Dr. Linda Ellison

Harvard Doctorate, NASA Scientist, biochemistry expert and physicist,  Dr. Linda Ellison is 14th generation in a family lineage of Medicine Women. Her revolutionary scientific breakthroughs power kaü Health products by applying string theory to go beyond biology and supplement your internal electrochemical reactions to help upgrade your DNA and ignite your internal electrics so you may glow from within.


Dr. Ellison has forever changed the face of science with her inventions:

  • Body Layer Imaging Technology (BLIT) based on Nicola Tesla's original imaging technology, but 100,000 times more sensitive to light and sound vibration, BLIT shows images of the body beyond the visible spectrum of light.
  • Human Emission of Frequency Technology (HEFT) measures the sound frequencies constantly emitted by humans beyond the auditory spectrum, & shows the state of 1.5 Billion biomarkers (blood tests only show 10 to 160 biomarkers).
  • Internal Algorithm (IA) cross correlates results from BLIT and HEFT with Big Data library biometrics from millions of medically logged and cataloged records of bloodwork, EKGs, medical scans & fMRI + MRI imaging to produce a full-spectrum health workup.
  • DNA Dormancy Testing (DDT) measures how much DNA is active vs. dormant in the human body.
  • Bespoke Entanglement Technology (BET) Using the results of a client’s BLIT, HEFT, IA & DDT, Dr. Ellison creates a bespoke energetic field (a small electromagnetic lightning tornado) and causes entanglement between that field and a client’s bioelectromagnetic field. It painlessly vacuums out debris, patches holes, and amplifies existing strengths in the bioelectromagnetic field of the client.

Prayer Particle Discovery

In 2022, Dr. Linda Ellison, discovered the Prayer Particle, & also the method for re-creating the particle by transforming sound waves (prayers, mantras, affirmations, intentions, chants, songs, etc.) into physical matter. 

This wave to particle transformation has been long theorized as possible by physicists and spiritual masters alike, but had never been scientifically accomplished until Dr. Ellison’s discovery. 

Dr. Ellison’s discovery makes a prayer/chant/song sound wave into a physical particle that can be eaten. She then formulated the Prayer Particle into all kaü Health products to benefit your health:

  1. Prayer Particle helps relax your parasympathetic nervous system.
  2. Prayer Particle aids in decreasing your blood pressure & heart rate.
  3. Prayer Particle aids in decreasing your stress level & stress hormones.
  4. Prayer Particle aids in decreasing bloating & improving digestion.
  5. Prayer Particle helps break down & release toxins in your body.
  6. Prayer Particle supports the increase of dopamine in your brain.
  7. Prayer Particle helps boosts & increase your immunity.
  8. Prayer Particle helps increase your longevity.
  9. Prayer Particle helps your body better absorb the nutrition in food.
  10. Prayer Particle aids cellular anti-aging.
The Prayer Particle
Elixir poured into a glass of water

The Institute of DNA Science

The Institute of DNA Science

Who we are:
Home to a core team of scholars, researchers, investigative scientists, and experts on DNA from around the globe, The Institute of DNA Science also hosts visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, and remote researchers to collaborate on a rolling basis under the leadership of Institute Chair, Dr. Linda Ellison.

What we do:

  1. AWAKEN - 98% of your DNA isn’t actively functioning. Since its discovery, scientists labeled inactive DNA as “junk DNA.” IDNAS research shows this DNA isn’t “junk,” it is dormant. IDNAS investigates ways to awaken and activate dormant DNA, and thus unlock a higher state of system functioning.
  2. REPAIR - 100% of your existing DNA is damaged if you are 25 or older. IDNAS researches advancements to repair this DNA and reverse the degenerative disease commonly called “aging.”
  3. REGENERATE - 100% of the new cells your body generates are coded with damaged operating instructions replicated from the cells they replace if you are 25 or older. IDNAS researches the fastest and most effective ways to reset the operating instructions in your existing cells to “factory settings,” and generate new cells with original “factory settings” operating instructions so your cells function optimally in a vibrant state of natural health.

The Council on Blue Zone Indiginous Medicines

Dr. Linda Ellison is the Chair of The Council on Blue Zones Indigenous Medicines. Before founding kaü Health, Dr. Ellison was a Managing Director at the United Nations where she worked in malnutrition & maternal malaria care with rural and remote indigenous populations. She traveled the globe developing deep relationships with other tribal medicine practitioners.

The Council on Blue Zone Indigenous Medicines
Blue Zones are world regions where people live the longest, healthiest, & happiest lives. While only 5 Zones have been discussed in popular culture, many more exist around the globe.

The remarkable vitality, longevity, and serene outlook of people in Blue Zones can be credited in large part to the ancient indigenous medicines & lifestyle practices that are applied as a part of everyday life in these regions.

Our Mission
The Council of Blue Zone Indigenous Medicines facilitates the collaboration and sharing of knowledge among scientific, spiritual, cultural, and medical experts on Blue Zone populations alongside Blue Zone community leaders to collect and share ancient tribal medicine recipes and practices to increase longevity, vitality & happiness for all.

Our Membership
Currently, the Council has members from 18 countries and 34 indigenous tribes, and 9 major universities. We selectively welcome new members who would like to contribute, learn and collaborate in person or remotely.

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