LIFE Time Alchemy


Best Amino Acid Combination Alternative to Stem Cell Therapy

Upgrade & Awaken your DNA 

The DNA inside your cells contains operating instructions, a file telling your cells how to function. 

In your youth, the file is pristine. It directs your cells to operate with peak functioning, giving you optimal health & beauty. 

Past age 25, the operating instructions file becomes corrupted due to accumulated debris and damage. As a result, your cells operate with malfunctions. The constant accumulation of damage leading to increased cellular malfunctioning is a cycle we call aging. 

LIFE Time Alchemy supports triggering the generation of new cells with upgraded, youthful operating instructions inside their DNA.

Simply mix into 6 oz or more of any beverage and drink daily.

LIFE Time Alchemy may help: 

  • awaken and repair damaged cells 
  • trigger production of new, youthful-coded cells
  • activate dormant DNA
  • boost mood with a natural increase in dopamine and serotonin
  • improve gut health
  • increase muscle, joint, & bone strength and stamina
  • increase brain focus and memory
  • enhance and build immunity
  • support auto-immune health
  • hydrate skin to soften wrinkles
  • grow thicker hair and stronger nails
  • balance hormones for lessened effects of PMS, menstrual cramps & menopause
  • reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels for less stress 

LIFE Time Alchemy comes from the ancient Nordic Tribal medicine recipe for Life Elixir, credited with helping Blue Zone warriors reawaken youthful strength, immunity, and beauty for centuries.

During production, a Nordic Tribal Medicine song is played to LIFE Time Alchemy. Tribal legend says that the song's prayer for health, strength, protection, and love enters the body of those who eat what is blessed by it.

LIFE Time Alchemy supports your body in reawakening its youth. Start your daily ritual of repair and renewal, and rediscover your youthful, natural state of vibrant health.




Immunity | Anti-Aging | Vitality | Longevity | Beauty | Lifespan Youth | Calm | Cellular Regeneration | Cellular Repair | Weight Management | Focus & Clarity | Stress Reduction

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30 scoops | 222g

Mix 2 scoops of LIFE into 6 ounces or more any liquid, yogurt, or oatmeal and enjoy anytime, daily.

Please visit our INGREDIENTS page for a full list of benefits of LIFE

7 days+
◦ Deeper sleep
◦ More energy
◦ Sharper focus

14 days+
◦ Improved gut health
◦ Reduced inflammation
◦ Grace and ease of movement

21 days+
◦ Skin radiance
◦ Hair, lashes and brow growth
◦ Nail strength

28 days+
◦ Weight management
◦ Lean muscle build
◦ Immunity build

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