LIFE Time Alchemy


ABOUT: Unlock the secret to youthful vitality with kaü’s breakthrough anti-aging formula, LIFE Time Alchemy. This revolutionary product helps revitalize and repair your cellular functioning, helping you look, feel, and move like a younger version of yourself.

THE SCIENCE: Your body’s 120 trillion cells rely on DNA operating instructions, which malfunction over time due to a build up of damage and debris. Unlike other anti-aging products that merely increase cell turnover while retaining cellular DNA  malfunction, LIFE Time Alchemy helps restore DNA to its original “factory settings,” supporting each cell’s coding for innate, peak performance.

THE BENEFITS: Experience a more youthful you with LIFE Time Alchemy’s proprietary blend of 20/20 medical grade amino acids. 

This formula helps:

  • Activate dormant DNA

  • Repair cellular damage and malfunction

  • Generate new cells with optimal DNA instructions

THE RESULTS: The science is complex, but the results are simple: You may look younger, enjoy robust immunity, have thicker hair, more focus, energy, and calm, plus even burn more fat while you sleep.

An investment in LIFE Time Alchemy is an investment in supporting the total rejuvenation of your body from the inside out. Feel the difference and embrace the best version of yourself today.

LIFE Time Alchemy supports: 

◦ Diminished wrinkles 

◦ Hydrated skin for a vibrant,youthful glow

◦ Thicker hair and stronger nails

◦ Enhanced immunity

◦ Natural increase in dopamine and serotonin

◦ Improved gut health

◦ Increased muscle, joint, & bone strength 

◦ Increased brain focus and memory

◦ Auto-immune health

◦ Balanced hormones for lessened effects of PMS, menstrual cramps & menopause

◦ Reduced adrenaline and cortisol levels 


Immunity | Anti-Aging | Vitality | Longevity | Beauty | Lifespan Youth | Calm | Cellular Regeneration | Cellular Repair | Weight Management | Focus & Clarity | Stress Reduction

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30 scoops | 222g

Mix 2 scoops of LIFE into 6 ounces or more any liquid, yogurt, or oatmeal and enjoy anytime, daily.

Please visit our INGREDIENTS page for a full list of benefits of LIFE

7 days+
◦ Deeper sleep
◦ More energy
◦ Sharper focus

14 days+
◦ Improved gut health
◦ Reduced inflammation
◦ Grace and ease of movement

21 days+
◦ Skin radiance
◦ Hair, lashes and brow growth
◦ Nail strength

28 days+
◦ Weight management
◦ Lean muscle build
◦ Immunity build

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