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The beauty of LIFE

LIFE Time Alchemy is the revolutionary new frontier of age-defying cellular therapy treatments

LIFE is cellular therapy that helps reawaken youthful strength, immunity, and beauty without needles or invasive procedures. Simply mix into any beverage and drink daily.

LIFE helps: 

  • awaken and repair damaged cells 
  • trigger production of new, youthful-coded cells
  • activate dormant DNA
  • boost mood with a natural increase in dopamine and serotonin
  • improve gut health
  • increase muscle, joint, & bone strength and stamina
  • increase brain focus and memory
  • enhance and build immunity
  • support auto-immune health
  • hydrate skin to soften wrinkles
  • grow thicker hair and stronger nails
  • balance hormones for lessened effects of PMS, menstrual cramps & menopause
  • improve sleep
  • reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels for less stress 
  • weight management

LIFE is not a synthetic or pharmaceutical, it is 100% natural. It helps slow and reverse aging on a cellular level. As protein that is broken down into its smallest components, LIFE’s 20 amino acids enter your bloodstream quickly because they don’t require digestion. 

Once in your bloodstream, LIFE’s 20 amino acids prioritize your needs and transport themselves to the areas of most need first, assembling themselves into the peptide chains that address your specific needs and helping repair your body one cell at a time.

Since LIFE contains all 20 amino acids, it addresses multiple systems in your body, giving you multiple benefits. Once you introduce LIFE into your system, your body will identify which peptide chains it requires on that day, and trigger LIFE's 20 amino acids to form those peptides. LIFE gives your body the possibility to arrange the amino acids and build 1.5 million different peptide chains. 

With daily use, you may begin to experience benefits within the first 2-3 days. Yet, LIFE is a long-term treatment. It is recommended to take LIFE daily for a minimum of 4-6 months to fully realize its benefits since decades of internal damage, as a result of the aging process, will not be repaired overnight. LIFE’s profound and life-changing results may begin within 20 minutes of your first dose and build over a matter of months. 

LIFE allows your body to repair, renew and achieve its natural state of vibrant health.



Immunity | Anti-Aging | Vitality | Longevity | Beauty | Lifespan Youth | Calm | Cellular Regeneration | Cellular Repair | Weight Management | Focus & Clarity | Stress Reduction

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30 scoops | 222g

Mix 2 scoops of LIFE into 6 ounces or more any liquid, yogurt, or oatmeal and enjoy anytime, daily.

Please visit our INGREDIENTS page for a full list of benefits of LIFE

7 days+
◦ Deeper sleep
◦ More energy
◦ Sharper focus

14 days+
◦ Improved gut health
◦ Reduced inflammation
◦ Grace and ease of movement

21 days+
◦ Skin radiance
◦ Hair, lashes and brow growth
◦ Nail strength

28 days+
◦ Weight management
◦ Lean muscle build
◦ Immunity build

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