LIFE || Time Alchemy


Activate & Regenerate

A Life-Creating balance of 20/20 amino acids

kaü’s medical-grade balance of 20/20 amino acids may bypass digestion & go straight into your bloodstream, supporting the upgrade & enhancement of your DNA within 20 minutes. LIFE supports the repair of existing cells and supports triggers in your body to rapidly generate new, youthful-functioning cells.



Did you know that exchanging money is an energy exchange and that the number exchanged is an Angel Activation Code?* 

According to Tribal folklore, the energy of Angel Number 366 is a message from the Universal Field to YOU, letting you know that you are fully supported, surrounded, protected, and loved by the Angels who are assigned specifically to you.

*Angel Activation Codes are Tribal folklore and are not presented as medical advice or a promise of an outcome. 

Immunity | Anti-Aging | Vitality | Longevity | Beauty | Lifespan Youth | Calm | Cellular Regeneration | Cellular Repair | Weight Management | Focus & Clarity | Stress Reduction

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30 scoops | 222g

Mix 2 scoops of LIFE into 6 ounces or more any liquid, yogurt, or oatmeal and enjoy anytime, daily.

Please visit our INGREDIENTS page for a full list of benefits of LIFE

7 days+
◦ Deeper sleep
◦ More energy
◦ Sharper focus

14 days+
◦ Improved gut health
◦ Reduced inflammation
◦ Grace and ease of movement

21 days+
◦ Skin radiance
◦ Hair, lashes and brow growth
◦ Nail strength

28 days+
◦ Weight management
◦ Lean muscle build
◦ Immunity build

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