LIFE - Time Alchemy || Medical Grade Amino Acid Powder


Regenerate your vitality and build yourself younger cell by cell

20/20 Amino Acids at medical-grade* not otherwise available on the commercial market, for personal home use.


Immunity | Anti-Aging | Vitality | Longevity | Beauty | Lifespan Youth | Calm | Cellular ReGeneration | Weight Management | Focus & Clarity | Stress Reduction


All 20/20 amino acids in perfect balance, and nothing else.

100% enters your bloodstream within 20 minutes of taking it (nothing to break down or digest), immediately impacting your DNA.

Compare LIFE powder to stem cell therapy-- both repair existing cells and trigger your body to rapidly generate new, youthful functioning cells. LIFE is faster acting, non-invasive, and a fraction of the cost. 

Our amino acids are grown on land once covered by 34-million-year-old glaciers. We gently extract them into a broth, and then, without chemicals, we use cutting-edge, proprietary science to standardize their level of effectiveness and make them into a powder that is soluble in any liquid. The result? Immediate benefits you can see and feel. 

no chemicals. no toxins. no fillers no binders. no additives. 


LIFE is made from the 11,000-year-old Nordic Tribal recipe for Life Elixir. Our team of scientists at kaü Health optimized the recipe with pharmaceutical-level science to create the most effective anti-aging formula in the universe. And it is. 

*Medical Grade is an FDA certification that signifies something has been scientifically refined and is, as a result, pure enough to bypass usual digestion or other forms of assimilation and go straight into the bloodstream. Many brands have started using the term as "marketing speak" and do not have the certification--and are selling products that aren't scientifically able to go straight into your bloodstream. Please be thoughtful about the difference between "good marketing" and actual science, because this is your health!

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