Kindness Is the Verb Form of Beauty

Beauty is proof of god. Hear me out.

For me, science and spirituality are two words for the same thing. They aren’t merely interconnected nor woven together or two sides of a coin.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t believe this to be the case. I held them as opposite and opposing forces. I thought one was right and the other wrong. One wise, and the other foolish. One real, the other make-believe. Today, I hold that science and spirituality are not opposites, they are the same thing. 

Let’s start with some facts. I like facts. I like anything that can be “proven” with “data.” Facts calm my brain with a sense of things being under control. For me, the facts are a comforting place to start. So, here it goes. 

Fact: The world exists, and is able to continually function and operate smoothly. The world’s overarching functions remain in motion. For instance, the Earth rotates, and gravity holds.

Exactly how the world came to exist, however, is up for debate. According to some beliefs, God created the world. According to other theories, life is simply the result of the fortuitous encounter of some chemical elements, and the encounter of those various elements caused motion. Motion expanded into function. Function succeeded in becoming complex to the point of producing. Production became multiplication. This all sounds logical and even reasonable. 

There is logic at play in the scientific explanation of the world’s evolving and becoming. There is poetry in the belief that a great and mighty creator figure fashioned the world in the space of a week. Either way, matter was created and came to proliferate. The world exists. 



Fact: Beauty surrounds us. Nature looks beautiful, food tastes beautiful, flowers smell beautiful.

Why matter became beautiful is up for debate. The world is full of natural beauty without beauty’s existence seeming to be even in the least bit necessary. 

The world is not obligated to be beautiful, and yet it is. 

Beauty doesn’t facilitate an essential function like gravity. The Earth would still rotate, we would still have air to breathe and crops that grow without the beauty of pink-hued sunsets, the beauty of sweet-sour juicy taste of a strawberry, the beauty of the smell of a newborn baby’s head and the beauty of the song of a bird outside my window.

Science would say beauty came about not as a necessary part of functioning but as the result of a mistake or an accident in the functioning of matter. Spirituality would say that the Divine created and designed everyone and everything to embody the essence of the Divine, which is Love. And how does Love look, if not beautiful? 

However it came into being-- by mistake or design, Beauty exists, even if it doesn’t immediately appear to be necessary. For example, food could be nutritious but doesn’t need to look, smell, or taste good. Its Beauty isn’t necessary. 

I contend there is such a thing as necessary Beauty in the world-- not in appearance, smell, or taste, but in action.


As part of the function of the world, kindness is a necessity. For the world to continue to exist, operate and function, there must be a minimum of kindness or else we would risk killing each other down to the very last person, and would spectacularly destroy the environment as well. Kindness exists. Functioning continues. Lives are spared, even as some are taken. Trees are planted, even while others are ravaged by overdevelopment and fires. 

As Beauty in action, kindness creates the ability for functioning to continue, and beauty in other forms elevates mere function to the level of Divinity. Take for example a strawberry. The tiny seed of a strawberry-- a seed of which you eat hundreds of every time you eat a single berry without a second thought or fleeting moment of attention when planted in the soil, grows to become a fragrant plant with scalloped leaves. Its flowers become juicy, sweet, heart-shaped fruit. The entire plant is a living Valentine that appears out of almost nothing and yet becomes a symphony of Beauty-- the Beauty of the shape of the leaves, the cheerfulness of the flower, the juice of the fruit, the sweetness of the flavor, the toothsomeness of its flesh, the perfect patterned design of the strawberry seeds on the outside of the fruit, each with the ability to produce more beautiful plants and more beautiful berries. It’s Beauty layered on Beauty. Yet, the strawberry plant’s function to produce a nutritious fruit would still be achieved by a plant that didn’t have fragrant, charmingly-shaped leaves, or cheerful flowers, or sweet, juicy fruit. 

From the strawberry plant we learn: Beauty goes beyond action of function into the mysteries of unnecessary pleasurable sensations and appearances. 

We must ask: What is the meaning of the presence of this type of Beauty, and why is it there? If Beauty was an accident, how is it possible we have so many types of Beauty in so many different forms? 

If we follow the logic of science that replication is a function and follow the premise that Beauty happened by accident, we would end up with a different reality than we see all around us. We would have a proliferation of only one type of beautiful smelling flower, only one kind of juicy berry, only one model of beautiful person replicated over and over. But instead, we have an abundance of variations of Beauty in all of its forms. From this observation we know: Part of Beauty is uniqueness. Beauty exists, never exists in exactly the same way twice. It is boundless, limitless, and endless. 

If we follow logic and scientifically categorize every beautiful sound, smell, moment, person as an accident, then there are too many accidents occurring for functioning to be on course, running smoothly. Yet, gravity still works, so the functioning is operating well. So, scientific “reasoning” comes to an impasse. If beauty is not an accident, then why does it exist? 

This is the part where you and I may part ways. I do not mean to offend anyone, but here is my belief.

Fact: The Divine is expressed as Beauty. The unnecessary-for-function beauty of a sunset. The sweet-sour juice of the strawberry. The fragrance of a baby’s head. The song of the bird in the tree outside my bedroom window. All of this is functionally unnecessary Beauty. All of it is the Divine. Mind you, I’m not saying it is merely “divine,” I am saying it is a physical manifestation of Divinity itself. You can call it any word you prefer. Call it Spirit, The Sacred, The Universe, or God, the name doesn’t matter. What is important to recognize is that it exists. It isn’t standing in opposition to science, it is the very workings of science-- and the workings of things we cannot explain with science, because science is limited to what our human brains can postulate but the Divine is limitless. 


I named my biotech kaü because “kaü.” It is the combination of two sacred sounds: /kah/ and /oo/. Together, they are an expression of joy for the existence of beauty in action--the celebration of kindness.

For me, celebrating kindness is a daily practice and a recognition of the beauty and thus Divinity that exists all around me, and inside of me. You are taking kindness into your body each time you eat or drink one of our products. You are literally restructuring your body on a cellular level with kindness, and amplifying your electromagnetic field beyond your body with kindness.  

As a company, kaü is a harmonious marriage between the scientific and the spiritual. We give equal footing to Divine mystery and scientific meticulousness because to us, there is no division to balance-- they are one. Our products exist to help you achieve optimal health--  youth, beauty, and strength-- your own embodiment of Divinity through building your kindness. Kindness is the action of Beauty, and we are building you beautiful inside and out.