The Next Wave Of Wellness Is Clean Energetics

“Clean” has, for about a decade, been the push in health and wellness. By now, we all know that we should eat clean. We have started buying and using clean home and personal care products, too. The next wave of wellness is Clean Energetics.


For a week, stop saying anything negative about others. Stop complaining.
Stop spending time with people who bring you down.

Stop conversations that are energetically not at the level you want your energy to absorb.

Listen to music that has uplifting lyrics, or no lyrics at all.
Watch content that is heartwarming, funny, and promotes kindness. Cut out forms of media that are out of energetic alignment with what you’d like your personal energy to be.

See how the experiment goes. Are you happier, more positive, and less anxious? Are you sleeping better? Are you down a bit of weight because you aren’t stress eating?