Regenerate Your Vitality

Signal Youth

We commonly think of aging as an inescapable absolute. We expect our bodies to degenerate over time. We expect to have aches and pains, develop diseases and suffer until we eventually die. It doesn’t have to be that way. Proteins permit signaling molecules to affect your cells’ functions. Signal your cells to function youthfully with LIFE.

Amino Acids are the protein alphabet

The full set of all 20 amino acids, the fundamental alphabet of proteins, is several billion years old. Just like the English language contains 26 letters and all words are made up of certain letters of that alphabet in certain orders, all proteins are made from the alphabet repertoire of 20 amino acids. 

LIFE’s 20/20 Amino Acids have 1,048,575 unique protein combinations.

The diversity and versatility of our protein combinations provides an unparalleled range of functions and benefits, including triggering new cell production to help you look, feel and move younger.

Amino Acid Benefits

All 20 amino acids in scientifically-perfected balance.

Cystine — hair beauty, skin radiance, anti-aging 

Methionine — anti-aging, detoxification

Tryptophan — better sleep, stress reduction, mood boost

Asparagine — brain boost, cellular generation

Glutamine — gut health, muscle build, weight management, immune boost

Threonine — nervous system support

Serine — cognitive enhancement, sleep support

Glutamic Acid — memory support, focus enhancement, immune boost

Proline — skin radiance, gut health, joint support

Glycine — cell repair, cell generation, brain boost, sleep aid, memory support, mood enhancement

Alanine — energy enhancement, nervous system support, immune boost

Valine — muscle build, energy enhancement

Isoleucine — muscle build, increased stamina, metabolism boost

Leucine — tissue regeneration, metabolism boost

Aspartic Acid — increased stamina, energy enhancement, brain boost

Tyrosine — anti-stress, skin radiance, weight management

Phenylalanine — mood enhancement, adhd calm, skin radiance

Lysine — anti-stress, anti-anxiety, brain boost, skin radiance

Histidine — appetite suppression, sleep aid, anti-anxiety

Arginine — increased vascular flow, heart health

"You can’t achieve 20/20 amino acids through diet alone. No other supplement gives you all 20/20 amino acids. Your body needs 20/20 amino acids all at once to signal youthful cellular rejuvenation to build itself vital again."

Dr. Linda Ellison

Scientifically Proven Benefits

Amino Acid benefits, explained.

Anti-aging & Skin Beauty
Protect against skin aging, including anti-oxidative activity, anti-inflammatory activity, inhibition of protein-glycation, and inhibition of collagenase activity.

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Anti-aging strategy [against] cellular senescence.

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Superior anti-skin-aging activity.

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Anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and restorative effects.

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An effective method for treating anxiety and anxiety-related conditions without the risk of serious side effects.

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Improvements in mood, cognition and a reduction of stress and anxiety-like symptoms in people exposed to stressful conditions.

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The functions of amino acids are associated with various signaling pathways, including expressions of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

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Essential for fine-tuning innate immune cell activation and highlights the importance of glucose metabolism in inflammatio.

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Suppress inflammation and contribute to Anti-inflammatory activity.

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Energy Enhancement & Brain Power
A key source of pure energy.

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Vital for energy.

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Provides increased focus and brainpower.

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Hormone Balance
Improves quality of sleep.

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Sleep promoting effects.

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Increases and enhances sleep.

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Weight Management
Improved fat metabolism and muscle synthesis. More weight loss and improved body composition.

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Larger increases in energy expenditure resulting in elevated ability to burn fa.

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Elevates energy expenditure in negative energy balance, thereby preventing a weight cycling effect.

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