Time-trusted Tribal recipes

Nordic Tribal medicine is 11,000 years old.

Chinese medicine is 5,000 years old.

Ayurvedic medicine is 3,000 years old.

Modern Western medicine is 122 years old.

You don’t have to “grow older.” Build yourself younger on a cellular level instead. 

We think of aging as an inescapable absolute. 

We expect our bodies to degenerate over time. We expect to have aches and pains, develop diseases and suffer until we eventually die.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Join the revolt against aging.

At kau Health, we target the underlying problem of aging through supplementing your diet with all 20 amino acids at medical grade to repair your existing cells and trigger the generation of new, youthfully shaped and functioning cells. The result? You, but better.

Better beauty. Better energy. Better sleep. Better focus. Better mood. Better weight management. Better gut health. Better movement. Better immunity. Better vitality. Better sex.


Amino Acid Benefits

Amino Acid Benefits  

All 20 amino acids in scientifically-perfected balance 

Cystine — hair beauty, skin radiance, anti-aging 
Methionine — anti-aging, detoxification
Tryptophan  better sleep, stress reduction, mood boost
Asparagine  brain boost, cellular generation
Glutamine  gut health, muscle build, weight management, immune boost
Threonine  nervous system support
Serine — cognitive enhancement, sleep support
Glutamic Acid — memory support, focus enhancement, immune boost
Proline — skin radiance, gut health, joint support
Glycine — cell repair, cell generation, brain boost, sleep aid, memory support, mood enhancement
Alanine — energy enhancement, nervous system support, immune boost
Valine — muscle build, energy enhancement
Isoleucine — muscle build, increased stamina, metabolism boost
Leucine — tissue regeneration, metabolism boost
Aspartic Acid — increased stamina, energy enhancement, brain boost
Tyrosine — anti-stress, skin radiance, weight management
Phenylalanine — mood enhancement, adhd calm, skin radiance
Lysine — anti-stress, anti-anxiety, brain boost, skin radiance
Histidine — appetite suppression, sleep aid, anti-anxiety
Arginine — increased vascular flow, heart health


Our Name

kaü is the combination of two sacred sounds: /kah/ and /oo/. Together, /kah-oo/ means “the celebration of kindness.” Make celebrating kindness a daily practice with kaü.

Our Ethos

As a company, kaü is a harmonious marriage between the scientific and the spiritual. We give equal footing to Divine magic and scientific meticulousness because to us, they are two approaches to the same One result. Our products exist to help you achieve vibrant health --  strength, youth, & beauty-- your own optimized embodiment of Divinity.


Kindness is the action form of Beauty

I AM a Pioneer for YOU

I AM Dr. Linda Ellison (DLE), a pioneer in longevity, creating cellular health for YOU.

I hold a Doctorate from Harvard University and am passionate about your health, well-being and vibrancy. I am the founder of kaü Health, the largest female-led biotechnology company in the world. Through rigorous clinical research and meticulous testing, I have developed cutting-edge kaü products with my team using the Nordic Tribal medicine recipes passed down 14 generations through my family lineage. I continue to pioneer the frontier of human longevity because YOU and WE all deserve to live in vibrant health. My team and I created kaü Health products because we believe in the COLLECTIVE  well-being. When YOU thrive, WE all thrive together.