How Do Anti-aging Products Work?

If you live as you do now, you will continue to accumulate the debris and damage that is degenerating your DNA’s functioning. Eventually, this build-up will cause age-related disease and lead to death.

Every day, new products hit the market claiming to help you feel or look better. Hardly any of them interact with your DNA, so any benefit you get is insubstantial and fleeting. 

Some anti-aging products have more impact, helping you rapidly generate new cells. While they trigger rapid cellular generation, the new cells they trigger come preloaded to operate at the level of your body’s current state of functioning. If you are young and healthy, there isn’t a problem. However, suppose you are starting to see signs of aging. In that case, your body's new cells will function as aging cells because their DNA is encoded with the accumulation of degeneration and debris of your biological age. You rapidly build a fresh version of an aging body with these products. 

Stem cell therapy causes your body to regenerate youthfully functioning cells, with DNA that operates at “factory settings.” Its impact is highly desirable, but it is invasive, expensive, and it takes several months to see benefits.

kaü products create similar conditions and thus similar benefits to stem cell therapy, but our products can be enjoyed in a drink, are less expensive, and start working almost immediately