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The Amount of Protein You’re Getting Isn’t What You Think

Life vitamin supplement in vessel against red element natural wood background by kaü Health

You might be wondering why you can’t just change your diet to Bio Allow and achieve “factory setting.”

We live in a ravaged environment. Worldwide, our soil is so depleted that our food doesn’t have the rich nutrient density our bodies require to function optimally.

We try our best to nourish ourselves well, but true nutrient-density nourishment is not available to us. And the “food complex” is set up to distract us from this simple fact.

For example, we focus on how many grams of protein we eat per day, but we don’t stop to assess how much of that protein is digestible and therefore useful to our bodies.

Did you know that your body is only able to digest about 45% of most protein? Yes, even organic, pasture-raised meats and organic vegetables. That means, if you eat 50 grams of protein in a day, you are only able to use 22.5 grams of that protein. 

 Protein breaks down during digestion into various combinations of amino acids, but modern food sources do not provide 20/20 amino acids all at once.

You might be under the impression you only need the “essential” aminos your body can’t produce by itself. That isn’t true.

Given the level of toxins amassed in your body, your system is not producing adequate functional levels of the amino acids it can natural generate.

What’s more, certain amino acids assist other amino acids and they must be taken together for you to benefit. For instance, if you are not deficient in one amino, but that amino is necessary for your body to assist the work of another amino that you are deficient in, you need both of those aminos at the same time to get the benefit you need.

When you have all 20 amino acids in a harmonious balance, working together, you Bio Allow your system to operate at a “factory setting” baseline of health.

At this baseline, your body is rapidly producing new cells, and those cells are coded to function at a youthful “factory setting.” And since amino acids flush out of the system every 24 hours (unlike fats and carbs, which are stored) you need to introduce them consistently, daily to maintain this “factory setting.” 

I created kaü life to help your body reset to “factory setting” functioning.

Kaü health’s supplement “life” contains 20/20 amino acids at medical grade in a proprietary balance to work in concert with your body’s innate wisdom to return to healthy functioning by means of youthful “factory setting” cell production.

Rebuilding your body cell by cell with “factory setting” youthful-functioning cells, your body looks, feels and moves in a natural state of optimal health.