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Your Environment Is Poisoning You Daily

Woman in black dress sitting on concrete looking away, Your environment is killing you by kaü Health

None of us operates from a baseline of pure health.


Because you are constantly bombarded by toxins. 

Even if you try your very best to drink clean water, eat organic produce, and use “clean” personal care and home products, you still breathe in unescapable toxins by living in populated areas, you still absorb harmful radiation due to depleted ozone, and you still ingest toxins from food grown in depletedlif soil and exposed to dirty rain. 

Unless you live in a stick hut in the bush in Africa, or somewhere else similarly untouched and remote, you are constantly exposed to environmental toxins. There is no way around it. These environmental toxins are the biggest reason your body “ages” and degenerates. 

Your modern, toxic environment causes you to “age” and degenerate.

Aging occurs due to 25% generic, and 75% environmental factors.

All of the environmental toxins we are exposed to from our earliest existence--those passed to us en utero by our mother-- build up and accumulate inside our bodies and over time thwart their natural functioning.

The “factory setting” of your body is healthy functioning. At “factory setting” your cells grow normally, function optimally together, and shed regularly.

As you introduce more and more toxicity to your system as a result of daily living in a modern environment full of unavoidable environmental toxicity, and further expose yourself to environmental toxins by consuming alcohol (mild forms of poison), eating processed foods (full of non-foods and synthetic chemicals), and taking drugs (for medical use or for recreation, all manufactured drugs contain synthetic chemicals which are poisonous to your system), toxins build up over time and cause your system to function less and less optimally.

These toxins are, by in large, not excreted from your body. They are trapped in your system and keep accumulating. This buildup leads to “aging” and over time causes disease, chronic health conditions, major health events, and death.