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Your Mom Is a Physicist

Your Mom Is a Physicist
All over the world, mothers tell their children some form of:
“First you think it,
Then you say it,
Then you do it,
Then you become it.”


Your mom is likely not a degree-carrying quantum theorist, but she understood these basic principles and passed them to you. 

Brain waves and sound waves have the ability to manifest into physical particles. This is the main thesis of Quantum Mechanics. When it is applied to the makeup of your cells, it is called Epigenetics. 

Your thoughts, words, and actions, along with anything you see or hear, transform from energy into particles and become stored in your cells. They impact how your body looks and functions on a cellular level. Positive and loving energy impacts optimal internal system functioning and outwardly manifests as youth and beauty. Negative energy inside your body starts out as pain and becomes disease and rapid aging. 

Paying attention to the energy you broadcast and absorb, you can look, move and function more beautifully and more youthfully on a cellular level. Your body will begin to generate new, youthfully-coded cells. As a result, your Quantum Beauty will build. Your Quantum Beauty exceeds the limits of your physical body. It shines through your eyes, radiates through your face, and extends into your personal energy field. Quantum Beauty touches others with its beautiful vibration before you even enter a room.